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Video interview: How to show your personality?

At a face-to-face interview, interviewers can read interviewees’ personalities through their body language. You can take advantage of it to show your best to make you stand out among the talent pool. However, it is different on video interview where they communicate through a screen.

1. Dress appropriately

You are free to set up a video interview at home but it doesn’t mean you should do it in your pyjamas or casual clothes. You just need to be in front of a camera in a clean and polite outfit. This is the first step to build up a confident and professional person brand image.

2. Avoid being disturbed

You should find a quiet place with a tidy background behind you. Try to avoid places where you can’t control the background noise, ie coffee shops are not a good location to conduct an important interview. Assuming you are having the interview at home, tell everyone in the house and ask them to keep the noise to a minimum during the interview time. Turn off the irrelevant software or websites which may distract you during the interview. Turn off your phone, or put it on silent during the interview. All of the small details can show your respect to the interview and the interviewers’ time.

3. Prepare equipment well

Before every video interview, our recruiters always send out a checklist for you to prepare in advance. You should also check up the connection, microphone and camera to make sure it works well during the video call. A well-prepared call can make the interviewers be more interested in learning about yourself than spending time to wait for you to fix your equipment. If you apply for a remote job, this is a way to persuade them that you are able to manage your work well technically. There are a lot of direct tools and apps being used now, so make sure you know which one will be used. Have you used it before? Do you need to download anything ahead of the interview?

4. Interact with interviewers

Eye-contact is very crucial in all the communication but through a video interview, sometimes it is hard to feel it. However, you can show that you are paying attention to the conversation by listening and asking more questions related to the conversation as well as the role you apply for. Feel free to present yourself as their future colleagues not only a stranger whom they only see on the screen. Also, even though you might be a bit nervous you should try to smile as much as is realistic in the interview.

5. Show the real you

Be transparent about yourself and your working experience. The interviewers are always expecting to hear the truth. You can list down the main points of your story and collect the proofs of your work in advance. You can show off your experience, passion and your skills on-screen if it’s possible. This could be considered as another advantage of video interview as compared with a traditional interview.

6. The 30 minutes before the interview

Take some time before the interview to review the key points that you hope to get across. Lastly, take 5 or 10 minutes to quieten your mind from any outside distractions that are going on in your life so you can fully focus and be fully present in the interview.

e-Frontiers team with well-experienced recruiters are willing to help talent find their dream job and go through the challenging recruitment process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

June 2020