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Data Engineer

  • Job Ref: 8602
  • Madrid
  • IT

Job requirements

  • Curriculum and degree in Computer Science, Big Data.
  • 2+ years of experience and a proven track record as a data engineer (creating, coding, maintaining).
  • Deep knowledge in SQL and NoSQL query languages. (Nice to have experience with Rds, MariaDb, DynamoDb, data + schema architecture (S3 + Athena).
  • Proven track record in creating and managing ETL.
  • Experience in different data architecture technology, frameworks, tools, with deep understand in clouds environments (good to have experience in AWS (must) additionally Azure, and/or Oracle, and/or GCP).
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Fluent in Python programming language, latest versions (code compliant with pep8, linting code, best practices for reusable code, open to pair programming and programming in teams).
  • Fluent in creating and maintaining Infrastructure as code (Terraform) is a plus.
  • Fluent in Gitlab projects (ci/cd over Gitlab programming also).
  • Fluent with Datadog.
  • Experience with data stack in AWS (S3, Lake formation, Glue, EMR, IAM, Api Gateway, Lambda, Athena, Kms, Sns, Secret Manager, Quicksigth, Rds, Step Functions, DynamoDb, EventBridge, Guarduty, CloudTrail, Ec2)
  • Experience working with other data experts (data analysts, data scientists) and IT experts