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How to get recruiters to contact you

Secret tips for job hunters: How to get recruiters to contact you

Are you looking for an opportunity at a top company or a dynamic startup? These organisations often engage with a professional recruitment company to recruit talent for their team. On the other hand, recruiters also search and support their candidates to go through the recruitment process by giving detailed insight and professional advice for their preparation before interviews and assessments. How can you attract the right recruiters who will help you get your dream job?

Our recruiters indicated some key points which they will look for in your profile before reaching out to you.

Upgrade your knowledge and skills

One of their first actions is to make sure your knowledge and skills matching the requirements of a position you want. Therefore, you should update your profile to emphasise your strengths such as your working experience and your new skills which don’t need to be a part of your current job. They could be what you have learned, practised and achieved during your self-learning. Of course, it would be better if you can show recruiters the proofs such as your trial projects or certificates.

Improve your digital footprint

In the technology era, your digital footprint can be the first impression for recruiters as well as employers. During the hiring process, your online activities which show your knowledge as an expert in your realm could be considered as an important factor to make you stand out among the talent pool. It will be ideal for you to build your personal brand on the internet.

Grow your network

Don’t hesitate to connect to recruiters in some LinkedIn groups or at a professional event. They will reach out to you when they make sure they can bring you a great opportunity matching your experience and skills.

Be honest about yourself

Be honest about yourself

Yes, it is an essential factor to bring you a further move in your career. Let recruiters know you are open for a new opportunity is the first step to attract them. You should make it clear about your career orientation and expectations. You can also be transparent about your job hunting background, your worries and even your concern. Based on their understanding of the recruitment market, recruiters can give you some advice to improve your CV or upgrade your skills for the next step.